5 Foods To Never Eat


5 Foods To Never Eat To Cut Down Stomach Fat

Cut down a bit of stomach fat every day by never eating these 5 foods.

These foods aren’t going to be shockers, but here are 5 foods to never eat to cut stomach fat. Keep these foods out of your grocery cart and out of your diet, if you’re trying to lose fat.

Here’s the List

  1. Fast Foods and Fried Foods: This isn’t something you don’t already know, but YOU have to stop eating fast food if you care about your health! The majority of fast foods and fried foods contain trans fats that are harmful to your body. If you’re still eating these types of foods, cutting them out of your diet will be the best thing you will ever do for yourself.
  2. Soft Drinks (Soda): This isn’t a surprise either. Soft drinks offer no nutritional value. Regular soda is loaded with sugar. Diet soda contains artificial sweetners that aren’t any better … and they may even be worse. If soda is still one of you guilty pleasures, try cutting it out of your diet and see how much better you feel.
  3. Processed Foods and Packaged Foods: These foods, like hot dogs, salty snacks and frozen dinners, for example, usually contain a lot of preservatives that can lead to health problems. Ideally, the food you eat should not be processed at all, but the first step will be to identify the most heavily processed foods you currently eat and eliminate them from your diet.
  4. Fat Free Foods: This one is probably the least obvious on the list. Fat free is good, right? Wrong. Fat free foods, such as yogurts, cookies and salad dressings, are often loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners. They usually fall into the category of highly processed foods, so the same reasoning applies. Stay away!
  5. Any Foods with Trans Fats: Margarine, for example, is now considered by many experts to be less healthy than butter. For better overall health, use butter in moderation and, when cooking, use healthier alternatives like olive oil.

There you have it, 5 foods to never eat to cut down stomach fat. Eliminating these foods from your diet will have a huge impact on your health and wellness.

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